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Lucky Country®

Aussie-style Soft Licorice

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Welcome to Lucky Country ® Licorice!

All you want to know about Lucky Country ® on one page!

Welcome to Lucky Country®, home of the world’s best tasting soft licorice. “Lucky Country” is a nickname sometimes used to describe Australia. Our famous licorice was actually created by accident. While making a batch of hard licorice, an Australian candy maker miscalculated and made a soft, smooth product. Aussie-Style soft licorice was born! Lucky Country® soft licorice originated in Australia, but it is now proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Our soft and chewy product delivers more flavor in every bite compared to other licorice. According to the San Francisco Chronicle food panel is Lucky Country’s licorice the best around!

“Our panel tried nearly a dozen brands of the chewy, sweet black licorice commonly available in Bay Area grocery stores.In first place was Lucky Country ($7.99 for 24 ounces at Safeway), a U.S. brand that markets its candy as “Aussie-Style Soft Licorice.” “Sweeter than others,” this licorice had “mild but pure” root flavor, tasters said. Almost as importantly, it has a “soft pleasant texture” that “chews easily.””

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